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Indoor Tabi (Navy) N.D.S.S. Blue Belt Curriculum
Our Price: $8.99
Our Price: $19.99

A Touch of Zen exclusive line of traditional ninja tabi. These high quality tabi follow the authentic detailing and style of the traditional ninja foot wear. Want your tabi to last longer? Try wearing Tabi Socks under your Tabi. They're more sanitary and extend the life of your tabi. These are on BLOWOUT and ON SALE! Buy while supplies last!

The Ninpiden Dojo Sword System is a curriculum developed by Kyoshi Weekley. The curriculum consists of Iaido pattens from a combination of different traditional Iai families and traditional combat sword techniques. The Ninpiden Dojo Sword System DVDs are developed in a way that a student may use these to complete a distance learning course.

A must have for the serious sword practitioner, the Blue Belt Curriculum is the first video in the series!

Masters Club Patch ActionflexTM Nunchaku
Our Price: $2.99
Our Price: $53.95

Masters Club Patch

  • Place on Belt or Uniform.
  • Each patch is 1 inch x 4 inches.
  • Heat seal backing.

Now you are able to practice and have fun without the possibility of a concussion or broken teeth. Full-contact nunchaku allows you to give it all you got while discovering a whole new world of fighting strategy and technique.

  • Approx 13" in length.
Lil' Dragon WavemasterTM International Black Belt Club Patch
Our Price: $129.99
Our Price: $5.99
  • Nylon shell covers high impact foam, providing a fun target for your child martial artist.
  • Four height adjustments.
  • Base fills with sand or water and is rounded for easy roll relocation.

One side of bag is screened with Century's Lil Dragon. The other side is screened with three colored shapes and three colored numbers: yellow triangle, red circle, blue square, white 1, green 2, and yellow 3.

Weighs approximately 170 lbs. when filled.

International Black Belt Club Patch

Use this patch to display your membership in the International Blackbelt Club.

  • Each patch is 4 inches x 1 1/2 inches

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Black Belt Club - Seven Wheels of Power

Our Price: $4.99
Get ready for action. The four members of the elite Black Belt Club are on a mission: to rid the world of an evil force using their martial arts techniques. Together, the group must embody the karate spirit if they want to overcome the enemy. That means high-thinking to go with the high kicking!

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