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Gift Certificate ActionFlex™ Swords
Our Price: 69.95
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ActionFlex™ padded weapons are designed to allow students to spar and train at 100% of their strength and speed. Now training can capture all the rigors of the full-contact experience. Each weapon features the non-slip, Sure-Grip impact handle and shock absorption. The ActionFlex™ weapons line includes escrima sticks, staffs, knives, nunchaku, swords, headgear and gloves that are all made with the finest and strongest materials available.
ProForce® Rubber Gun Sensei Patch
Our Price: 19.99
Our Price: 2.99

Constructed of a flexible orange rubber, this practice gun is perfect for learning self-defense techniques or law enforcement without the risking the danger of a real gun.

Sensei Patch

  • Place on Belt or Uniform.
  • Each patch is 1 inch x 4 inches.
  • Heat seal backing.
ActionflexTM Nunchaku N.D.S.S. Blue Belt Curriculum
Our Price: 53.95
Our Price: 19.99

Now you are able to practice and have fun without the possibility of a concussion or broken teeth. Full-contact nunchaku allows you to give it all you got while discovering a whole new world of fighting strategy and technique.

  • Approx 13" in length.

The Ninpiden Dojo Sword System is a curriculum developed by Kyoshi Weekley. The curriculum consists of Iaido pattens from a combination of different traditional Iai families and traditional combat sword techniques. The Ninpiden Dojo Sword System DVDs are developed in a way that a student may use these to complete a distance learning course.

A must have for the serious sword practitioner, the Blue Belt Curriculum is the first video in the series!

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Today's Super Deal!

8.5oz White Middleweight Gi Set

Our Price: 39.99
  • The finest Poly/Cotton twill blend for easy care.
  • Reinforced double stitched flat seams for extra strength.
  • Full cut design for perfect fit with 3 piece gusset in pant.
  • Color White

Set includes Gi Top and Pant.  Comes with white belt that is size of the uniform.  Different color/size belt must be purchased seperately.

Sizes available: Size 000 thru 8

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