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Shock Doctor™ Pro Actionflex<sup>TM</sup> Shoto Knife
Shock Doctor™ Pro
Our Price: $9.99
ActionflexTM Shoto Knife
Our Price: $29.99
Single mouthguard is scientifically designed for comfort and includes jaw pads jaw pads with built-in breathing channel. Includes manufacturer's dental warranty.

Color: Smoke

Sizes: Youth or Adult

ActionFlex™ shoto padded knives were designed to give all amateur and professional knife handlers the opportunity to practice knife and short bladed weapons at a true speed. These breakthrough knives allow the combatant to understand the dynamics of close combat and full-contact fighting without the dangers associated with actual blades and knives.

  • Available in Red or Black.
  • Approx 12" in length.
Okinawan Style Tonfa N.D.S.S. Purple Belt Curriculum
Okinawan Style Tonfa
Our Price: $36.99

Beautifully crafted from ash wood, these Tonfa are styled with the traditional Kubudo practitioner in mind who demands precise control of their weapon. Ergonomically shaped handles provide exceptional fit for kata.


  • 14 inches (2 3/4 inch Grip Area)
  • 17 inches (3 inch Grip Area)
  • 19-1/2 inches (3 1/2 inch Grip Area)

The Ninpiden Dojo Sword System is a curriculum developed by Kyoshi Weekley. The curriculum consists of Iaido pattens from a combination of different traditional Iai families and traditional combat sword techniques. The Ninpiden Dojo Sword System DVDs are developed in a way that a student may use these to complete a distance learning course.

A must have for the serious sword practitioner, the Purple Belt Curriculum is the first video in the series!

ActionFlex™ Staffs Solid Color Double Wrap Belts 1.75"
ActionFlex™ Staffs
Our Price: $74.99
Solid Color Double Wrap Belts 1.75"
List Price: $9.99
Our Price: $9.99
To the samurai warrior, the staff was a spear with the tip broken off. A well-versed warrior could wield the staff either as a short-, medium- or long-range weapon, depending on the situation and placement of hands. Many choose to spar and practice using various lengths. For basic protection and self defense the early weapon of choice among the masses was a staff but the soldiers’ long-range weapon of choice was the spear. Now you can practice lighting fast thrusts and long range parries without the possibility of injury.

Available in Red or Black.
  • Polyester/cotton middleweight material.
  • 1-3/4 inches wide, seven rows of chain stitching.
  • Available in colors White, Yellow, Gold, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Red, Brown. or Black.

Sizes 0-8.