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ActionFlex™ Escrima Blue Katana
Our Price: $69.95
Our Price: $169.99
ActionFlex™ padded weapons are designed to allow students to spar and train at 100% of their strength and speed. Now training can capture all the rigors of the full-contact experience. Each weapon features the non-slip, Sure-Grip impact handle and shock absorption. The ActionFlex™ weapons line includes escrima sticks, staffs, knives, nunchaku, swords, headgear and gloves that are all made with the finest and strongest materials available. Handles are made of a colorful woven cord and accented with a matching woven waist cord on the scabbard. Handle is also accented with a golden embossed design. The scabbard is made from a lacquered aluminum with a granite-like design. The highly polished, unsharpened, chrome plated aluminum blade has a true-wave frosted edge.

Overall length: 42"
Blade length: 31"
Shihan Allie's "21st Century Ninjutsu - "A Warrior's Way of Life" Black Belt Club - Night On The Mountain Of Fear
Our Price: $24.99
Our Price: $4.99
21st Century Ninjutsu - A Warrior's Way of Life is dedicated to preserving the ancient Japanese art of Ninpo/ Ninjutsu, and that of the Japanese culture. Author Shihan Allie Alberigo draws on his personal philosophies and 43 plus years of Martial Arts experience to help the reader understand his mentality and clear up many of the myths that still plague the martial arts today. It goes far beyond just kicking and punching and shows you how to incorporate ancient traditions and philosophies into modern 21st century life to create peace, happiness and prosperity for yourself. This book is a must have for all martial artists, school owners, as well as anyone who would like to gain the power to change their life!

Praise for 21st Century Ninjutsu - A Warrior's Way of Life
Max, Antonio, Maia, and Jamie are back in this high-drama action novel starring the Black Belt Club! Filled with comic-book-like illustrations, this fast-paced adventure follows our heroes into a scary desert world controlled by the evil Hate Master, Heyoka. Together, these four karate students must overcome terrifying tarantulas, vampire bats, and the Hate Master, who feeds off their fear. Only when they discover the true meaning of friendship will the Black Belt Club, and the world, be safe once more.
Wall Mountable Solid Wood Belt Display - 10 Belt Shock Doctor™ Pro
Our Price: $99.99
Our Price: $9.99

Painted black and red with a semi gloss finish. Hand painted Kanji symbol detail means Budo. Elastic straps hold belts securely on 1-7/8 inch slats.

Ten Level Size: 29-1/2 inches high X 25-1/2 inches wide X 2 inches Deep

Single mouthguard is scientifically designed for comfort and includes jaw pads jaw pads with built-in breathing channel. Includes manufacturer's dental warranty.

Color: Smoke

Sizes: Youth or Adult

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