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21st Century Ninjutsu Curriculum DVD Kyu Level
21st Century Ninjutsu Curriculum DVD Kyu Level
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21st Century Ninjutsu is a culmination of 40 plus years of martial art training.  Shihan Allie Alberigo has been training in the art of Ninjutsu and other martial arts for over 4 decades.  He has traveled to Japan 17 times and lived with one of two Grandmasters in the art.  On this incredible instructional DVD you will find all curriculum created by the founder of Long Island Ninjutsu Centers, Shihan Allie Alberigo (7th Degree Black Belt).

This DVD is a must for all Ninjutsu Practitioners.  You will find Shihan Allie's insight to be helpful in enhancing your martial art training and help you grow as a martial artist as well as a Ninjutsu Stylist.

In this DVD you will see Every Go Kyu (yellow belt) Technique Demonstrated by our top students.

Included in this DVD are Torite Kihon, Tai Sabaki, Uke Gata, Geri Gata, Taihen Jutsu, Ukemi Gata, Ju Jutsu Rei Ho and Kata, and Ne Waza - Grappling Basics as well as weaponry and advance wrist locks and join manipulation.
Yellow Belt - Curriculum DVD

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