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Shihan Allie's "21st Century Ninjutsu - "A Warrior's Way of Life"
Shihan Allie's "21st Century Ninjutsu - "A Warrior's Way of Life"
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21st Century Ninjutsu - A Warrior's Way of Life is dedicated to preserving the ancient Japanese art of Ninpo/ Ninjutsu, and that of the Japanese culture. Author Shihan Allie Alberigo draws on his personal philosophies and 43 plus years of Martial Arts experience to help the reader understand his mentality and clear up many of the myths that still plague the martial arts today. It goes far beyond just kicking and punching and shows you how to incorporate ancient traditions and philosophies into modern 21st century life to create peace, happiness and prosperity for yourself. This book is a must have for all martial artists, school owners, as well as anyone who would like to gain the power to change their life!

Praise for 21st Century Ninjutsu - A Warrior's Way of Life
  • "I have always been interested in the art of Ninjutsu. I find this book to be a great read for martial artists and non martial artists." - Cung Le Strikeforce Middleweight Champion, Light Heavyweight San Shou Champion, Light Heavyweight K-1 Super Fight Champion
  • "I know firsthand training with Shihan Allie that he shares freely his wisdom and his art. I have the ultimate respect for this man and consider him a teacher and a friend. This is a must read book for people ho want to improve their martial arts and their lives." - JD from the A&E hit show Criss Angel - Midfreak
  • "For Shihan Allie Alberigo the martial arts are not a hobby, an after work activity, or something that he is just interested in. To him, the martial arts are a LIFE STYLE. He not only teaches the martial way and philosophy, he lives it. His new book not only enhances your martial arts training, but improves your life skills as well. Anyone can teach the art of Ninjutsu, few can inspire you to change your life and live "the way," to look upon others and forgive, to help others grow, to be kind, to be just and to be fair. Allie Alberigo is a man to look up to and admire. This young Master of our time has the knowledge of an ancient Master of the past." - Soke John Olshlager Nokado Schools of Self Defense, NY
  • "I have the honor and privilege to train as a student of Shihan Allie for 18 years and it has been a wonderful experience. Shihan's words and teachings have given me confidence taking me to incredible heights. Shihan Allie is truly a master of Ninjutsu and life. I thank him for all he has given me, and for all the lessons yet to come." - Renshi Frank Olmeda Chief Operations Officer, LI Ninjutsu Centers

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