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If you are looking for hard to find, or unique gift ideas or even a gift certificate, then look no further. A Touch of Zen is your one stop shop for body, mind and soul. Please take a look at our awesome selection of gift ideas.

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Gift Certificate Toy Sword Rank Belt Keychains - Solid
Toy Sword
Our Price: $2.99
Having a gift emergency? Our electronic gift certificate will be sent to your recipient within one business day, so you don't ever have to miss another occasion! For fast gift gratification, an electronic gift certificate is the thing to send!

Want a traditional paper gift certificate instead?  No problem!  Our beautiful gift certificates will arrive at your destination within 3-7 business days.
Great for kids! This toy sword is made of plastic with a cloth wrapped handle. Lightweight and measures 24 long. Shown in red but colors may vary. Scabbard included.

Made from an actual rank belt, perforated with a heavy, metal key ring.

Colors: White, Yellow, Gold, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Red, Brown or Black.

Washii Eagle Plush Toy From - The Three Kings Book written by Allie Alberigo The Three Kings Tenso An
The Three Kings
Our Price: $9.99
Tenso An
Our Price: $12.99
This adorable plush toy comes directly out of the signature line from the children's hit book "The Three Kings." Written by Kyoshi Allie Alberigo. This book is for ages from 3 -14 years old. The Plush toy comes with a free membership access to the custom website Membership will get you passage to free games, puzzles and fun items.Approximately 6" tall. 
The Three Kings is a story of magic, mysticism, and fantasy. Merrick, Cody, and Teal are three young boys who spend their time studying the martial arts. Having achieved their black belts they spend most of their time studying and training, but on weekends adventure pulses through their veins, and exploration is their favorite word. Every weekend they take a bike ride and hike to Mr. MacGreggor's house who vanished years ago, and play in his Japanese gardens. One day they notice a window open in the home and go inside to take a look. Little did they know, that moment would change their lives forever. Join them on their journey through time, to a land filled with magical creatures, martial arts, and intrigue. The Three Kings are about to draw you into a world you never imagined. This is a book for children ages 4 to 16 years old.
Shihan Allie Alberigo has been training in the martial arts for over 40 years.  He has trained with some of the greatest teachers in the world, from Japan, to Australia.  In this one of a kind meditation CD you can learn helpful tips for the person beginning there journey of mediation.  

A Guide to Meditation written and recorded By Shihan Allie Alberigo has been used in martial art schools, senior centers, public schools and yoga classes.  Shihan takes you on a journey of relaxation and tranquility.  

Do not pass this CD up!
Hanbo Custom Signature Brand A Touch of Zen - Allie Alberigo
If you are a serious martial arts and budo practitioner - then this Custom Hard wood Hanbo is perfect for you.  Shihan Allie Alberigo has traveled to Japan and trained with one of the most famous Ninja Masters in the world for a long time.  Allie has had these tonfa's hand crafted by a wood worker and now it has the A Touch of Zen Logo and Allie Alberigo's signature for the seal of quality.  

If your serious about your weapon training this Hanbo is for you.  They are made from hand picked solid hickory wood for grain, quality, look and strength.  

Appox. 36" Length, 1" diameter.

* Custom case available for $10.00 additional
These hard to find products have been searched out by A Touch of Zen to be the highest in quality and supplies on the market today.