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6" Black Singing Bowl W/ Knot (3"h) with striker Golden Swirl Singing Bowl, 6" dia., with Striker Dragon Singing Bowl, 6" dia., with Striker
Find your "endless moment" when you use this graceful singing bowl! Hand turned and hand embellished, this oxidized bowl can be used decoratively, musically, or as an elegant focus for contemplation. Each bowl sings with a clear even voice. Common in ancient India and Celtic culture, the Eternal Knot symbol was shaped by the bodies of twisting snakes or Nagas. Includes wooden striker. 6" diameter bowl with golden swirl design. Lovely with a blossom or candle afloat in the center, this hand-tuned bowl can also be enjoyed for it's tonal qualities In Tibetan, the mighty dragon is known as druk. His dominion is as vast as the untabable creature's travels between heaven, earth and the underworld. When disturbed, he roars thunder and his searing breath is lightning. Our dragon singing bowl is hand-cast in Kathmandu with the fire from his belly and turned to match the intensity of his voice. Each bowl is then hand-painted by artisans that have grown up surrounded by tales and renderings of the great beast.
Om Lotus Singing Bowl, With Striker
Each syllable of the sacred Tibetan mantra, Om Mani Padme Hum (Hail to the Jewel in the Lotus) is arranged within the leaves of this traditional lotus pattern. Enjoy the rich gold and royal blue artwork that graces our new singing bowl. The bold blue color of the handcast tingsha and singing bowls are a Tibet Collection exclusive!!!