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Shihan Allie's "21st Century Ninjutsu - "A Warrior's Way of Life" Martial Arts Business 101 Hooyah - Living The Dream
21st Century Ninjutsu - A Warrior's Way of Life is dedicated to preserving the ancient Japanese art of Ninpo/ Ninjutsu, and that of the Japanese culture. Author Shihan Allie Alberigo draws on his personal philosophies and 43 plus years of Martial Arts experience to help the reader understand his mentality and clear up many of the myths that still plague the martial arts today. It goes far beyond just kicking and punching and shows you how to incorporate ancient traditions and philosophies into modern 21st century life to create peace, happiness and prosperity for yourself. This book is a must have for all martial artists, school owners, as well as anyone who would like to gain the power to change their life!

Praise for 21st Century Ninjutsu - A Warrior's Way of Life
Martial Arts Business 101 is an essential tool for anyone serious about running a successful professional martial arts school. Built from Shihan Allie Alberigo's 40 plus years as a martial artist, this book is filled with crucial information that will help school owners avoid common mistakes and catapult their schools to a level only previously attained by a select few. This is a must have for anyone that wants their martial arts school to be more than just another karate school run by just another black belt.

Some praise for Martial Arts Business 101: