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Hand Carved Escrima Stick Burned Rattan Escrima Pair Rattan Escrimas
Hand Carved Escrima Stick
Our Price: $14.99
Burned Rattan Escrima
Our Price: $15.95
Pair Rattan Escrimas
Our Price: $19.95
This hand carved Rattan escrima stick features carvings on the grip and a burned spiral pattern throughout the length of the stick. Imported. Lightweight escrima sticks that are perfect for practice and stick fighting. They have traditional burn markings and are a Filipino style. These sticks are sold individually.

Size: 26" long and 1 1/4" thick
Lightweight escrima sticks that are perfect for practice and stick fighting. This item is only sold in pairs, so it is 19.95 for both sticks.

Size: 26" long and 1 1/4" thick
Hanbo Custom Signature Brand A Touch of Zen - Allie Alberigo ActionFlex Escrima
ActionFlex Escrima
Our Price: $69.95
If you are a serious martial arts and budo practitioner - then this Custom Hard wood Hanbo is perfect for you.  Shihan Allie Alberigo has traveled to Japan and trained with one of the most famous Ninja Masters in the world for a long time.  Allie has had these tonfa's hand crafted by a wood worker and now it has the A Touch of Zen Logo and Allie Alberigo's signature for the seal of quality.  

If your serious about your weapon training this Hanbo is for you.  They are made from hand picked solid hickory wood for grain, quality, look and strength.  

Appox. 36" Length, 1" diameter.

* Custom case available for $10.00 additional
ActionFlex™ padded weapons are designed to allow students to spar and train at 100% of their strength and speed. Now training can capture all the rigors of the full-contact experience. Each weapon features the non-slip, Sure-Grip impact handle and shock absorption. The ActionFlex™ weapons line includes escrima sticks, staffs, knives, nunchaku, swords, headgear and gloves that are all made with the finest and strongest materials available.