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4 in. Ninja Soft Foam Rubber Star Rubber Knife Foam Cord Nunchaku
Rubber Knife
Our Price: $3.99
Foam Cord Nunchaku
Our Price: $7.50
The ancient art of the Ninja has been imortalized in hollywood, books and in the training halls throughout the world.  The shuriken is one of the most sought after weapons and most famous.  Without having to worry about the danger, these practice shuriken are perfect for play, traditional practice or fun for children from 2 - 92.

Another great training weapon are our rubber knives. Constructed of a flexible rubber, these knives offer two designs to choose from both with full sized handles and blades. The perfect weapon for practicing self- defense techniques. Donít risk the danger of using a real knife.

*** Knives will not be sold to minors and knives cannot be shipped to California. All weapons are for demonstration or decorative purposes only. If used for demonstration, expert care and supervision should be exercised.
  • Foam with 4-1/2 inches cord attachment. 
  • Available in Black with screened Dragon, Royal Blue or Red.

Sizes: 8 inches or 12 inches.

Not available in Canada.

** Note: Due to state laws, we are not allowed to sell this item to the following states: CA, MA, NY, AZ.

Tanto Wooden Manriki Gusari Foam Ball Bearing Nunchaku
Tanto Wooden
Our Price: $7.95
Manriki Gusari
Our Price: $11.95

  • For practicing knife techniques
  • Smooth finished red hardwood.

This Japanese style spike and chain whip is very popular among the Ninja.

  • 36" long overall.
  • Spikes measure 4 7/8" each.

Available in either black or chrome.

  • Foam with ball bearing swivel.
  • Available in Black with screened Dragon or Royal Blue.
  • Not available in Canada.

Size 12 inches.  

** Note: Due to state laws, we are unable to sell this item to the following states: CA, MA, NY, AZ.

Ninja,sword,swords,ninjas,bokken,practice sword,wooden sword, Straight Hardwood Bo Staff Tapered Hardwood Bo Staff
Hardwood Ninja Sword
Our Price: $12.95
Tapered Hardwood Bo Staff
Our Price: $12.99
This is the ideal sword for all Ninja practitioners or enthusiasts. At 34" long, this sword truly resembles the unique, straight sword of the Ninja. Stained black hardwood with 2 piece handguard makes this a great training sword.

Sharp swords will not be sold to minors. All weapons are for demonstration or decorative purposes only. If used for demonstration, expert care and supervision should be exercised.
  • Straight styled Bo
  • 1-1/4 inches diameter
  • Hardwood

Available in either 4' 5' or 6' lengths

Tapered styled bo.

  • 1-1/4 inches diameter, tapered to 1 inch on end.
  • Hardwood.

Sizes: 4' 5', or 6'.

Youth Bokken Wooden Bokken Wooden Escrima Case
Youth Bokken Wooden
Our Price: $14.99
Bokken Wooden
Our Price: $16.95
Escrima Case
Our Price: $16.99
  • A smaller bokken ideal for smaller practitioners.
  • Crafted of select hardwood.
  • Total weight is approximately 13 ounces.
  • Includes one plastic tsuba and one rubber stopper.

Size: 33 inches

Color: Natural

***Note: There is an additional $5.00 shipping charge for this item.

  • For practicing techniques of the sword
  • Made of selected hardwood

Size is 40 inches

***Note: There is an additional $5.00 shipping charge for this item.

  • Black vinyl exterior with soft cloth lining.
  • Adjustable nylon shoulder strap.
  • Zipper closure.
  • Holds 2 escrima sticks (Sold Separately).

Size 30 inches x 3-3/4 inches.

Rubber Gun (Orange) Wood Kama Allie Alberigo's Signature Products- Training Manriki
Rubber Gun
Our Price: $19.95
Wood Kama
Our Price: $19.99
This is a solid rubber gun and it signifies a 45 style pistol. They are available in yellow and orange. The dimensions are as follows: 7.5" length and 5" W
Constructed of a natural, high-quality, hardwood, these kamas are practical and ideal for seasoned martial artists or those just starting weapons training. Imported. Sold in pairs.

Want to train in Nawa Manriki Gusari but are hampered by shipping laws and weapons restrictions? Then our custom made Manriki Gusari Trainers are for you!

    Made of the highest quality boat rope and custom tied ends dipped in Rubber this is the only Nawa Manriki on the market that can be used as a trainer or carried for self protection. The Nawa Manriki come in a variety of colors and colored rubber dipped ends.
  • Approx 36" long overall.
  • Color varies due to inventory, Most items are in stock Green with Green, Green with Red, White with Red, White with Green, White with Blue, Red with Red, Blue with Blue, White with Grey, white with Green .
* $29.99 to purchase training DVD and Manriki Set
Gold Bo Staff TP Hardware Rubber Training Knife Rubber Sai
Rubber Sai
Our Price: $24.95

Tapered styled bo.

  • 1 inch at the center and tapers off to 5/8's at the end of the bo
  • A great bo staff for competition
  • Comes in 4', 4.5', 5', 5.5', 6' feet

One piece black rubber knife. Blade bends to prevent injury during training.

  • Realistic design by Tom Patire, founder of Compliance Direction Takedown (CDT) method of nondeadly force.
  • Weighs .2 lbs.
  • Size: 11-1/2 inches long.
Constructed of flexible rubber, these rubber sai are a perfect practice weapon for demonstrating your weapons proficiency while reducing the chance of injury. Each sai measures 19-1/2" long and weighs approximately 5 oz. Sold in pairs.

*** All weapons are for demonstration or decorative purposes only. If used for demonstration, expert care and supervision should be exercised.
Youth Hardwood Bo Staff-Adult Sai Case Vinyl Bo Case
Sai Case
Our Price: $24.99
Vinyl Bo Case
Our Price: $26.99

Smaller diameter for smaller hands!

  • 1 inch diameter tapered to 3/4 inches.
  • Hardwood.

Sizes: 4', 4-1/2', 5', or 6'.

** Note there is an additional $5.00 sipping charge on this item.
  • Black vinyl with carrying handles and zipper opening.
  • Red felt inside with center dividing flap to prevent direct contact.
  • Holds one pair.

Size 22-1/2 inches x 6-1/2 inches

  • Soft flannel lining.
  • Vinyl exterior.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap

Holds two bo up to 6'.

Deluxe Kama Case Hanbo Custom Signature Brand A Touch of Zen - Allie Alberigo Handcarved Rattan Bo Staff
Deluxe Kama Case
Our Price: $26.99

Black vinyl exterior with soft red cloth lining and zipper closure.

  • Holds one pair of kamas with up to 18 inches handles and 7-1/2 inches blades.
  • Elastic straps to hold blades and adjustable hook and loop straps to hold handles.
  • Center dividing flap to prevent direct contact.
  • Adjustable nylon shoulder strap.

Size 19 inches x 9 Ĺ inches.

**Note: Kama sold separately.

If you are a serious martial arts and budo practitioner - then this Custom Hard wood Hanbo is perfect for you.  Shihan Allie Alberigo has traveled to Japan and trained with one of the most famous Ninja Masters in the world for a long time.  Allie has had these tonfa's hand crafted by a wood worker and now it has the A Touch of Zen Logo and Allie Alberigo's signature for the seal of quality.  

If your serious about your weapon training this Hanbo is for you.  They are made from hand picked solid hickory wood for grain, quality, look and strength.  

Appox. 36" Length, 1" diameter.

* Custom case available for $10.00 additional
  • Handcarved, lightweight made of all-natural rattan.
  • Traditional spiral burn pattern with hand carvings on both ends.

Sizes 5 or 6 feet.

Tapered Square Tonfa Okinawan Style Tonfa Triple Sword Stand
Tapered Square Tonfa
Our Price: $36.99
Okinawan Style Tonfa
Our Price: $36.99
Triple Sword Stand
Our Price: $39.99
  • Handsomely crafted from Red Oak.
  • The handle ends are bigger to help prevent sliding.
  • Tapered shaft resembles the natural arm shape. T
  • he short end of the shaft is tapered at an angle to reduce the chance of hitting the wrist while spinning.
  • Sold in pairs.

Sizes: 18, 19, 20, 20-1/2 inches.

Beautifully crafted from ash wood, these Tonfa are styled with the traditional Kubudo practitioner in mind who demands precise control of their weapon. Ergonomically shaped handles provide exceptional fit for kata.


  • 14 inches (2 3/4 inch Grip Area)
  • 17 inches (3 inch Grip Area)
  • 19-1/2 inches (3 1/2 inch Grip Area)

Black lacquered wood stand holds three swords.

  • Weapons sold separately.
Custom Signature Series Bokken with Plastic Saya 8 Sword Wall Display Competition Tonfa
8 Sword Wall Display
Our Price: $39.99
Competition Tonfa
Our Price: $42.99
  • A Bokken ideal for the practictioner who wants the full Iado experience.
  • Crafted of select solid hickory.
  • Total weight is approximately 13 ounces.
  • Includes one plastic tsuba and one rubber stopper as well as plastic Saia (Case).

Size: full length

***Note: There is an additional $5.00 shipping charge for this item.

This solid wood sword rack holds 8 weapons and the attractive black finish makes this rack perfect for displaying your swords at home, school or office.

  • Dimensions: 17 1/2" wide 39" tall.
  • Weapons sold separately.
Superbly crafted from the best ash hardwood found in Canada. The tapered shaft and contoured grip of this tonfa allows faster rotation speeds and smoother turns. Crafted from select ash hardwood. Imported.

Sizes: 18 or 20 inches.