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The art and need of the sword has been among us for thousands of years, yet there was no way to train, fight and compete without pain, suffering and sometimes death. Wood, metal and bamboo swords offered the combatant a cumbersome and often dangerous venue. Through the spirit of the samurai and advances in science and technology, we are now able to bring you ActionFlex™ products.
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Actionflex<sup>TM</sup> Shoto Knife
ActionflexTM Shoto Knife
Our Price: $29.99

ActionFlex™ shoto padded knives were designed to give all amateur and professional knife handlers the opportunity to practice knife and short bladed weapons at a true speed. These breakthrough knives allow the combatant to understand the dynamics of close combat and full-contact fighting without the dangers associated with actual blades and knives.

  • Available in Red or Black.
  • Approx 12" in length.
Actionflex<sup>TM</sup> Nunchaku
ActionflexTM Nunchaku
Our Price: $53.95

Now you are able to practice and have fun without the possibility of a concussion or broken teeth. Full-contact nunchaku allows you to give it all you got while discovering a whole new world of fighting strategy and technique.

  • Approx 13" in length.