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4 in. Ninja Soft Foam Rubber Star Rubber Knife Rubber Knife
Rubber Knife
Our Price: $3.99
Rubber Knife
Our Price: $4.95
The ancient art of the Ninja has been imortalized in hollywood, books and in the training halls throughout the world.  The shuriken is one of the most sought after weapons and most famous.  Without having to worry about the danger, these practice shuriken are perfect for play, traditional practice or fun for children from 2 - 92.

Another great training weapon are our rubber knives. Constructed of a flexible rubber, these knives offer two designs to choose from both with full sized handles and blades. The perfect weapon for practicing self- defense techniques. Donít risk the danger of using a real knife.

*** Knives will not be sold to minors and knives cannot be shipped to California. All weapons are for demonstration or decorative purposes only. If used for demonstration, expert care and supervision should be exercised.
This Rubber Knife, is the perfect way to practices self-defense techniques. The whole knife is made out of Flexible rubber. This knife is the size of a regular knife.
Tanto Wooden Dagger Training Knife Tanto Training Knife
Tanto Wooden
Our Price: $7.95
Dagger Training Knife
Our Price: $7.95
Tanto Training Knife
Our Price: $14.95

  • For practicing knife techniques
  • Smooth finished red hardwood.
This Dagger Training Knife is a one grade polypropylene dagger knife. It has a over length of 12" with a 7" blade and a 5Ē knurled grip handle. This training knife is made to replicate the red deal knife.
This Tanto Training Knife, has the feel of a real blade with a shark tooth design that has a dramatic appearance. The edges and the tips have been rounded to promote safely. It has a one piece construction.
TP Hardware Rubber Training Knife

One piece black rubber knife. Blade bends to prevent injury during training.

  • Realistic design by Tom Patire, founder of Compliance Direction Takedown (CDT) method of nondeadly force.
  • Weighs .2 lbs.
  • Size: 11-1/2 inches long.