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Manriki Gusari Allie Alberigo's Signature Products- Training Manriki
Manriki Gusari
Our Price: $11.95

This Japanese style spike and chain whip is very popular among the Ninja.

  • 36" long overall.
  • Spikes measure 4 7/8" each.

Available in either black or chrome.

Want to train in Nawa Manriki Gusari but are hampered by shipping laws and weapons restrictions? Then our custom made Manriki Gusari Trainers are for you!

    Made of the highest quality boat rope and custom tied ends dipped in Rubber this is the only Nawa Manriki on the market that can be used as a trainer or carried for self protection. The Nawa Manriki come in a variety of colors and colored rubber dipped ends.
  • Approx 36" long overall.
  • Color varies due to inventory, Most items are in stock Green with Green, Green with Red, White with Red, White with Green, White with Blue, Red with Red, Blue with Blue, White with Grey, white with Green .
* $29.99 to purchase training DVD and Manriki Set